When we decide to sell a house fast, it is because we already have another project in mind, so much to beat the iron as long as it is hot! To boost the number of visits, sell quickly and, moreover, at a satisfactory price, here are our tips gleaned from real estate experts.

Choose a prominent agency

As you can see, the more the company has visibility (grouping agencies, website, and advertisements in the specialised press, the more likely you are to advertise your ad. An agent who works in the rules of art will take the time to visit your property and know the maximum details about your home and the surrounding area.

They will also be able to give you the current prices of the market without you dangling unknown amount. Regarding the display of your property in the magazine and web ads, bet on pretty pictures of your property by monitoring some primary points like the brightness in the rooms, storage, large plans to give an idea of the volume, sunny days to make your outdoor shots, etc.

Do not overstate the selling price

This is a classic pitfall when you want to sell a house or an apartment in which you have invested time and money. Even if it is necessary to return in its expenses, it would be utterly illusory to believe that your goodwill necessarily brings you an extraordinary surplus-value.

An overvalued price compared to the general average will be a factor of rejection on the part of aspiring buyers, even for simple visits. And the more an announcement “hangs” in time, the more it provokes distrust etc. In case you hesitate on the sale price to display, take advantage of the free estimates offered by real estate agencies to get the net.

Make a concrete file

In addition to the various diagnoses that must necessarily be presented to potential buyers, do not skimp on all good information to know. This is the average of your monthly water and electricity charges, the amount of your property tax, estimates and invoices attesting to the amount of equipment purchased and remaining in your home or any work done to beautify it or refresh it.

But a multitude of other details can also highlight your property: location of shops, schools and public transport nearby, neighbourhood life, large-scale projects in your town (creation of a pedestrian street, a centre cultural or tram) are a gold mine to exploit to optimise your sales opportunities.

The tastes and colours

Even if you are very proud of the originality of your interior decoration, it can nevertheless displease and curb a promise of sale. All professionals will attest: when it comes to selling a property, it is better to bet on a neutral decor and a practical layout, which allows everyone to plan. No need to spend crazy money or get into DIY hours to make this little makeover!

You just need to implement some tips from home staging, a technique that can optimise the space of your property at a lower cost and by using objects and furniture that you already have at home. And if your property requires a makeover or you are not a handyman for a penny, remember that professionals experienced in this kind of technique are there to advise you and accompany you in these optimisations.

And you, what are your tips for selling quickly and at a satisfactory price? As a buyer, what are your most sensitive points about an ad and a sale? Let us know your point of view; the blog is there for that!

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