We Buy Any House – FAQ’s

Who are We Buy Any House Liverpool? And how do you operate?

We Buy Any House Liverpool are a property development company at heart and we refurbish the majority of the property that we buy, so whilst some properties will be sold on, we retain many properties for our own portfolio.

We started in property in the early 90’s and have been lucky enough to survive two property crashes in the early 90’s and again in 2007. We operate primarily in Liverpool, but also in Manchester. We developed this site in order to secure more property for investment and development, and to make it easier for people to arrange a quick cash house sale.

Assuming there there are no issues that come to light after we have completed our in depth property valuation, we won’t need to adjust our formal offer.  This means we won’t drop the price at the last minute, a common pitfall when dealing with the property industry.

Is it true that cash house sales are a con?

No, it is not true that cash house sales in the UK are inherently a con. Cash house sales can be a legitimate and common practice in the real estate market. They involve selling a property without the need for a mortgage or financing, as the buyer uses their own funds to purchase the property outright.

However, the “quick house sale” industry has had its fair share of bad publicity over the years, and whilst there are likely companies out there that are working underhand (as in any industry), the majority are property developers like ourselves. 

There are three common pitfalls when dealing with the “quick house sale” industry.

  • Dropping the price at the last minute of your Liverpool property.
  • Exclusive contracts are common in the “fast property sale” industry.
  • Offering prices which are simply unfair and unrealistic.

We try our best to avoid being ‘tarnished with the same brush’ and can promise that we avoid any of the above bad practices. Our reputation is what has helped us build our brand and we work hard to maintain it by being fair and transparent.


Will I get a fair price for my Liverpool property?

The “sell my house fast” industry is known for offering low prices, this is true in some cases.

We don’t claim to pay 100% of your property value; however, we can often match or come close the valuation from a local estate agent. This is generally specific to certain locations and is usually for properties that are in need of refurbishment, or for land (with or without planning permission). In other areas or for property that is not in need of refurbishment, we typically offer a price similar to any Liverpool property auction valuation. We can offer you examples of this on request and the price really does depend on the postcode.

With regard to land prices in Liverpool, in most areas, we can usually match auction valuations or make an offer close to any valuation for land given by your estate agent, assuming you have had a valuation before contacting us. We can also provide a land valuation service for any Liverpool Land for sale via RICS valuers, we are happy to consider land with or without planning permission.

Is it better to auction or sell a house for cash?

Generally speaking, it is always better to sell a house for cash, than it is to take your chances at a property auction. This is due to the guaranteed cash offer, no auction house fees and a faster house sale.

It is important though, to do you homework on the company that you are selling to. The large property auctions, such as Sutton Kersh Auctions, Venmore Auctions and SDL Auctions Liverpool, have excellent reputations and you know that your property is safe from property scams and fraud. However, when it comes to cash house sales, you must ensure that you have researched the buyer and carried out some due-diligence. Companies, such as We Buy Any House Liverpool, work hard to maintain a good reputation and provide a safe and reliable service.

How fast can I sell my house in Liverpool?

In Liverpool you can sell you house simple and fast in comparison to house auctions and on the open market. We view your property, then if we confirm we wish to proceed, with your approval we’ll engage two local estate agents of your choice in your area. 

You can employ your own solicitors or of selling property over a certain value, we will offer to cover your legal fees.

Obviously, each property sale is different, but the whole process can be a matter of weeks rather than months!