Like any choice, moving to Liverpool has pros and cons. Let’s review them, with the hope of helping you to make a decision (if you have not yet taken it), or to prepare yourself for what awaits you.

Professional life

One of the main reasons that led many people to house buying here is work. And with this, we do not mean only the greater ease of finding an occupation, but above all the possibility of obtaining a better job, of growing professionally in a meritocratic way, of being paid fairly etc.. We are sure that many immigrant colleagues agree when we say that there is a greater attitude to justice and equal opportunities, and undoubtedly this manifests itself in many aspects of daily life, including work.

The refinement of the language

More or less all of us have studied at least some English, but when we are dealing with a native speaker, most of the time we have no idea what he has said and even when they explain it we are surprised at how a word that we thought we knew it was pronounced like this! Not to mention the colloquial expressions, used by them every day but that we do not learn from school. And the regional dialects? Forget it! Well, living in Liverpool will give you the chance to speak the REAL English and yes, one day even to get to understand all the words of the songs!


The benefits of an intense experience like living abroad are not easy to summarize in two lines. How to explain the openness that is gained by living in a country other than where we have grown and lived forever or the security that is acquired when we realize that yes, we did this thing, and without the help nobody.

Possibility open to all ages

Usually, in most of the countries, when it comes to life and career, you study, you graduate (generally from 26 years up), you find work related to the course or degree you studied, and you continue your career in the same industry until retirement, maybe without changing company because ‘we’ there are put in a queue for a promotion, and we stay there.

At forty years life is more ‘or less marked, and change road leads only to economic difficulties and probable social failure- Nothing more’ restrictive! However, In Liverpool, UK, this way of thinking is obsolete. “The forty years are the new thirty,” they say here. Thus, you can plan to house buying in Liverpool without thinking twice.

Life cost

Liverpool is a city that costs little compared to many other British cities such as London or Edinburgh. For those who are used to the inconceivable rents of some of our cities, they will remain pleasantly surprised. And this also applies to those who want to buy a house.

City on a human scale

Not too small, not too big. For many, this is a significant advantage. The centre is condensed in a relatively small area, easily walkable from one end to the other. Those who live in the city centre or even in the surrounding districts can do without the car; who does not get scared by the cold and rain often opt for a bicycle. The small size of the centre does not, however, preclude the metropolitan character of the state, which is still a city with ferment, energy and continually evolving.

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