House buying in Liverpool is not a decision that is taken lightly from one day to the next. Buyers of housing have many doubts, and there are small details that make the difference when they choose one option or another. In this short guide, we show you which are the attributes that are most valued when buying a home and can make the balance tilt in favour of the floor you are offering in the market.

The location of the house

That a house is well placed is perhaps one of the attributes that are most valued when buying a home. Here comes into play in what neighbourhood is the property: the house may be fantastic, but if it is badly located in a poorly communicated environment or far from the centre, the valuation will plummet.

It is also crucial that near the house there are hospitals, parks, supermarkets, schools etc. If you do not have these services nearby, the housing will be valued much less.

Surface and distribution

If the person who wants to buy my house is a family, he will look for a home with a large living room and kitchen, several rooms and a few bathrooms. If the buyer wants something more collected, he will have other needs, such as how quickly the house gets hot or cold.

The distribution is a significant detail that buyers value a lot when deciding on what will be their new home. It is not worth having a massive house in Liverpool if it is poorly distributed with complex corridors, partitions everywhere, uncomfortable doors. Nobody wants to live in an excessively compartmentalized building or in a house that is impossible to furnish because of the collation of walls and windows and doors.


A home can be very well located, huge and beautifully decorated, but if all its windows face an interior patio, the house loses much of its value.

The number of hours we see the sun on the floor not only gives life to the house but also helps to save heating and electricity. Inside the lighting also come into play the views, which can become a determining factor to make the final decision to buy or not the house.

State of the building

A home does not only have to be beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. The state of a facade, for example, can make a buyer not decide to acquire the house. In the case that the acquisition of a detached house or villa is being valued, the arrangement of the balconies, the roof, the pipes and other external elements are attributes that potential buyers (and the appraiser) will take into account.


The price remains a determining factor when deciding the purchase of a home. First home buyers assure that the cost and ease of financing are determinants for the final acquisition. The purpose that drives them to purchase is emancipation, being self-employed, having a home of their own to leave their family’s home or to stop paying rent. Both types of buyers coincide in highlighting the price, location and qualities of the residential as determinants when buying a home.

These five attributes demonstrate the importance of taking into account even the smallest details when teaching home to potential buyers. In addition, however much we want to highlight the positive points of the house. The interested parties will try to get a vision of all the attributes including the ones that will weigh the most in the final decision: the price, the age of the house, the construction materials, payment facilities or energy efficiency.

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