Liverpool is all set with a promising attraction for developers, find the best quick house sales companies to do business with. If there is one place that is sure to rise as Liverpool’s next most amazing investment opportunity, it is the police headquarters site, Canning Place. What might come across as a surprise is, indeed, true. If Mersey real estate experts are to be believed then there are confirmations from Merseyside Police regarding their relocation to the Scotland Road. This move is going to leave the old site with no occupants and hence, free for sale.

Liverpool would have no trouble placing this site. Already popular, it has long been known for red brick office tower that overlooks the bus stop. It also includes a significantly big stretch of land that extends all the way to the Baltic Triangle. If a housing project is finalised then expect a lot of house buying and selling happening around here.

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There are many reasons why this site is likely to attract investors from the UK as well as from all over the world. Everyone is familiar with Canning Place’s picturesque landscape. Its waterfront is a brilliant location and has the potential to emerge as one of Liverpool’s attractions in the days to come.

While the plans of relocation are confirmed, there is word in the market that the site will not go up for sale till the police force has shifted to its new location. Nothing can be said for sure but there is news of it being ready only by 2020. That means there are till some years before the site can invite global developers. However, that is not affecting the enthusiasm of real estate agents in the area. It is already being referred to as one of the biggest opportunities in the retail segment in Liverpool. In addition to the waterfront, there are other factors too that contribute in making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Experts are saying that it has, what one might call, a strategic advantage, as far as location is considered. There is no doubt about it. It is located right between Liverpool One and other attractions that are lined up at the Albert Dock. Clearly, if there is a perfect location, this is it.

As far as real estate is concerned, there are many possibilities that one can think of. From a five-star hotel to a retail complex, this site is perfect for so many options. In fact, any kind of leisure attraction would be a great idea depending upon how things progress when the time for sale does arrive.

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It is said that while it is certainly an opportunity that will invite the interests of global investors, chances of residential development cannot be ruled out. Given its location and all the buzz around it, experts are of the view that even residential development could be on the cards. They are looking at a mature buyer, someone who is looking for a high-end residence, someone who is not on a budget house buying, really. There will be a lot of buyers interested in owning a home in this area. Once the site is ready for a sale, there sure is going to be a great demand.

Even though this is where one can sell houses fast, experts are not looking at it as strictly a housing project only. Considering the site appeals to home buyers, and investors both global and local, one can imagine the kind of demand we are talking about. In all probability, interested population will consist of real estate developers, investors and residence buyers, mainly.

Is that even surprising for supposedly the best upcoming urban development in Liverpool?

Only time can show what kind of strategy the police will employ when judging the bidding proposals. For now, this ultimate retail spot seems like a real estate dream come true.

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