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The best time for house sales is not an easy question to answer, and certainly not in a city such as Liverpool!

In recent years Liverpool has grown a lot, mainly because it has been able to attract money and investments. Liverpool is playing a leading role in the Northern Powerhouse: it is a city that is famous all around the world, rich in history and culture.

Loved for being the birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool has a multitude of theatres and museums, a seafront full of charm, and two immense cathedrals that attract thousands of tourists every year.

When it comes to the right time to sell your property, there are several considerations to make before making a decision: for example, is it the right season, what is the current economic situation, is there a low-interest-rate environment, and current tax periods.

In order to successfully sell a property, there are some tips that sellers can consider in the sales talk. Preparation is essential and we briefly highlight here which points can indicate that it is the right time to sell your property.

Is now the right time to sell my house in Liverpool?

The answer to this question is that anytime is a good time to sell property in a large city like Liverpool! Large properties are always in demand and the demand for apartments is particularly high in Liverpool, an some areas of Liverpool are among the top three hotspots in the UK for buy-to-let. Metropolises and large cities in particular, as well as medium-sized cities, are benefiting from a continuing trend towards urban locations due to the attractive infrastructure and the high quality of life.

Obviously certain characteristics of properties can impact on the speed of your house sale. Sellers often hear that the best time of year to sell a house in spring and summer. Properties with balconies and terrace areas with their views come into their own in the spring and summer. In addition, as do those with attractive garden areas!

There is no question that the optimal time to Sell your house for Cash in Liverpool is certainly not in rainy autumn or in cold, grey winter months. Especially since viewing appointments can usually only be made in the dark time of the day.

Of course, the topic of light plays an important role in property with many windows or glazed areas. Therefore, the months around June are good times to be able to present a beautiful, bright apartment in the evening.

Salespeople who target families with children with their property often experience that it is difficult to conclude a deal. It is not uncommon for potential buyers to go on holiday with the family and do not have time to visit the apartment.


The Best Time To Sell Your House

 What factors influence the ‘best time for house sales’?

There are also other factors that will influence the ‘best time for house sales’, regardless of the season:

  • Completion and delivery periods (new buildings and conversions)
  • Tax deadlines
  • Statutory deadlines
  • Requirements and deadlines for financing
  • Financial position and liquidity
  • Local environment (changes, events, neighbourhood)

The points just mentioned make it understandable: there are no “quiet seasons” to sell a house. The long-standing visitor statistics of the large real estate portals and broker websites also confirm that the number of visitors is relatively evenly distributed over the seasons.

Tax issues are also an important aspect for the right time to sell a house. If you achieve a capital gain, a speculation tax will apply under certain conditions.

Before the sales talk, the lowest price limit should be set, but also the target price. Price negotiations should not be rash in the sales talk. If the prospect really wants to buy, the seller can also allow himself a reflection period.

The price at which you start the negotiations should be about five per cent above the target price so that there is sufficient scope.

A seller is legally obliged to openly point out problems and defects. This is often a challenge for property sellers who are selling property for the first time. Do not try to pretend or hide defects.

The price negotiation during the sales talk is particularly demanding. The ideas of sellers and buyers often diverge widely here. Buyers are happy if they can bargain something. Therefore, sellers should allow some leeway and set the price at the beginning of the negotiations about five per cent above the target price.

If you want to sell a property, you want this as soon as possible and at a good price. Sometimes a prospective buyer can be found quite quickly, but only wants to make the purchase later. In this case, a reservation agreement is often made.

The cardinal virtue in finding your own four walls is patience. Important information for buying a house can only be collected through extensive, long-term research. First of all, the real estate market should be observed over a few months in order to get an approximate picture of the purchase price level in the desired region.

Then the concrete search for the desired object begins. Relevant internet portals are usually the first point of contact here. But classic media such as daily newspapers also print real estate advertisements. Above all, speed pays off – the viewing appointments for properties in prime locations are Quickly Booked Up.

The best time to start looking is after work when most private providers post their ads online. Conveniently, most real estate exchanges offer an automatic search assistant, which notifies the user immediately of suitable new additions.

First of all, the available budget should be determined. For this purpose, all living expenses including the financial reserve are deducted from the monthly income. The difference results in the budget that can be invested in the dream property.

The desire for a home can be due to a variety of reasons and long-term planning should take place here. Pending children’s wishes, in particular, have an impact on the location and nature of the dream property. In this case, care should be taken to ensure that there are enough nurseries and primary schools in the catchment area and that a child-friendly area is selected. These points will always take precedence over trying to find ‘the best time for house sales’!

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