We don’t think a strong independent Government with control over it’s own Parliament is necessarily as bad thing as long as we get decent access to the single market, which we will, however, it’s early days in terms of how it will affect the property market.

So rather interesting times ahead, but will this slow the market?…….. Our view is we may have just help us to avert yet another property bubble by reducing demand slightly, and bringing some common sense back into the market, especially in overpriced London. This market is propped up by foreign buyers who buy up to 80% of all property in some London Postcodes. Prices were raging onwards possibly heading for yet another bubble. We’ve seen two crashes before, once just after we started in the property game in the 90’s and once again in 2007 so will the cycle burst again? Our advice is to always plan for the next bubble, we don’t know – where, when, how, but we do know as sure as death and taxes, the market will cool again, it’s only a matter of time, prices can’t keep going on a one way bet…..