Autumn is one of the best times of the year to sell your home in Liverpool since, after the holidays, market activity always increases. Many potential buyers take advantage of the summer to look for a house, but it is not until the arrival of autumn when they decide to make that search effective. If you want to know how to sell or buy a house in Liverpool in autumn, here are some essential tips.

Know your buyer

Although this is advice that can be applied at any time and to any sale, in this case, we will focus on the type of buyer that appears during autumn.

In general, families with children don’t often purchase their homes in autumn, as they prefer to settle in the new home before the school year begins. This does not mean that your three-bedroom home is not going to sell; young couples with the idea of forming a family in the future, or people without children looking to have a guest room or an office, may have a lot of interest in your home.

In addition, autumn usually sees a much more serious buyer, as they seek to buy their home before the Christmas holidays, the change of year, and the possible change of legislation. This is helped by the fact that access to credit is better during these months, with banks competing with each other to give the best deals to their potential customers.

Finally, in the case of Liverpool, it’s worth mentioning that there is a huge change in autumn, given that all the people who enjoy their holidays here in the months of July and August return to the routine, which means that our beloved city experiences a huge transformation. Autumn is a perfect time to sell the house to someone looking for tranquillity by the sea, especially foreign buyers more accustomed to calm.

Think of light and heat

The sea softens temperatures a lot, but the truth is that Liverpool is a very hot city in the summer. However, in the months of September to November, we enjoy a very comfortable temperature and generally clear skies that allow us to enjoy the sun when many other cities no longer have it.

However, the days are getting shorter and dusk comes earlier; therefore, it’s best to show the house in the morning, when you can use the natural light to your advantage as much as possible. If this is impossible, then be sure to renew your lighting fixtures so that the house looks as up-to-date and bright as possible.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that heating hasn’t been used throughout the summer, and from now on it may be necessary. Make sure that the system is in the best possible condition and that the air it produces is clean and fresh.

Take care of your garden and pool (if you have them)

Autumn turns the garden red and gold, and if you take good care of it, it can be a great incentive for the buyer to look at your home. Pick up the leaves, prune trees and shrubs, keep the grass taken care of, and make sure the outdoor furniture is clean and in good condition.

Unfortunately, autumn also turns the pool green. Although in these months bathing is no longer alluring, it’s not good to neglect this part of the house, since it can give it a very unpleasant appearance. Remember also to pick up toys and floats to make everything look tidier.

If you don’t have a garden or pool, but you have a terrace, the same principle applies. Take care of your plants and make sure it’s clean, because although the terrace is less used in autumn, it is still a very attractive part of the house, especially in coastal areas such as Liverpool.

Take care of the details

Again, this is a tip that can be used all year. To sell your house for cash in autumn, appeal to the emotions of the buyer: This is a time when comfort and warmth are sought, so it’s a good idea to decorate the house with blankets, red, orange and earth colours, and add small details such as doormats or umbrella stands for possible visits.

Use the air fresheners of the season and sell your house with all the senses. The smell of cinnamon or red apples is very popular, and although the prospective buyer is not aware of it, the smell certainly helps make the house much more attractive.

Be careful to clean the windows, since in summer they can get very dirty, and if you have pets make sure you get rid of all the hair they have released during the hottest months.

What if you want to buy a new house before you sell?

Do I buy or sell first?

In this step there is no doubt: It’s best that you sell your house for cash, and buy later. If you sell your house first, you will have a much clearer idea of the money you have available for the purchase of the new home. In addition, you will have more liquid capital, and therefore, greater negotiation capacity.

Additionally, if you’re selling your habitual residence, that is, the house where you normally live, you will have tax benefits for reinvestment in the purchase of a new home. On the other hand, if you buy before selling you’re incurring a significant financial risk, and if you’re not sure about the budget you have available and the market conditions, we don’t recommend it at all.

What do I do when selling?

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your house for sale. It’s also very important to have your payments up to date: Mortgage, community … if not, the sales process can be very complicated, since the potential buyer will think about it long before buying your house, and in fact, they will probably choose another.

Lastly, once you have agreed on the sale with a buyer, make sure that the foreclosure agreement gives you enough time to buy a home, so you don’t have to rent a house after you’ve sold yours. The ideal amount of time is five or six months; in Liverpool, this can be very easy to achieve, since many people choose to buy a second holiday home that they won’t be using until summer, and they may not mind signing that their entrance to the house will be in a few months, and not immediate.