Even when the owner of the house is confident of his property, there is always a chance that he/she would think about refreshing the interiors. After all, it will attract more potential buyers.

Still, do not rush to study the announcements of repair teams and flip magazines with the latest trends in interior design. Let’s first determine what changes will be profitable and help you to sell house fast, and which will be a waste of time and money.

Useless changes:

Expansion of the existing basin or laying a new one. Especially, laying a new one, because the problems with communications and water supply can arise quite unexpectedly. And then you will have to sell the house not with an advantage, but with a problem.

Organization of a place for children’s leisure: a playground, a small house, a rope town. Did you think that future customers may be childless for some reason? And, perhaps, the house is bought for elderly parents whose grandchildren are thousands of kilometres away? In any case, psychologists say that the decision to buy a house is always taken by adults, so all changes in the form of real estate should be directed to the attention of adults.

Construction of arbours. Of course, modern construction technology allows you to put a pergola in a week, but do you need these expenses? If someone wants to buy my house, he will definitely not be looking for a dreamlike arbour or a pergola and extra maintenance.

Stripping the room. Some sellers try to remove all personal belongings (photos, pictures, soft toys) before making a 3D tour or photographing the room. It is not entirely correct. Of course, the mountains of beautiful trinkets should not be visible in the panorama, but elegant nuances can persuade the future buyer to a final decision. A house without decor becomes too official and does not cling emotionally.

Changes that will help sell the house:

“Cosmetics” of the kitchen. Nothing spoils the impression of the house, like a seated kitchen with carelessly scattered towels and shabby tiles. Look with a meticulous look at the room and answer yourself to the question: “What can I refresh?” Do not rush to demolish the walls and rebuild the entire kitchen: sometimes replacement of a few, a new profile, and general cleaning is more than enough.

Grooming the garden. Agree, it is one thing – the sale of a house with a plot, and another thing – a land with a landscape design. It is not necessary to invite an expensive specialist: you can cut the bushes and trees yourself, using useful articles from gardening magazines.

Revision of lighting devices. When you live in the same place for a long time, you stop noticing any small changes. For example, a burned light bulb in the pantry (why bother, because there are three more there?). However, before the show, all light must be in excellent order. Wipe the lampshades and replace the non-working lamps. If there are vintage lamps, somewhere in the vault, you can add them to the interior.

Summer playground. It is not necessary to lay the flooring at all. It is enough to put on the lawn 3-4 garden chairs, a table and lay a beautiful tablecloth. This creates the feeling that you offer a large area and a higher level of comfort.

It turns out that the most important changes almost do not require repair. If time and skills allow, you can freshen up the house with your own hands for a couple of days off.

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