Who is the best Estate Agency in Liverpool?

I get asked all the time. Which estate agent is the best in Liverpool? I have been dealing with sales and letting agents in the UK for three decades, and it’s not a straightforward question to answer!

I have found a rather poor service from many agents, either in letting or sales, as many are not very motivated people, from my own experience anyway. There are lots of listing mistakes, which is common, and this is because agents simply can’t be bothered. When the market is booming, agents make little to no effort, but when the market is cooling and sales are struggling, you see they try a little harder.

I once had an agent who didn’t bother to protect the tenants’ deposits, which resulted in me having to pay compensation to each tenant in order not to get taken to court. This agent is also a property developer in Liverpool, and if you read his website, you’d think he was Entrepreneur of the Year. I was taken in by his marketing slick! Lesson learned: don’t believe anything you see online unless it’s verified by some seriously credible people or organisations!

My top tips for the best estate agents in Liverpool


1.) If the estate agent is difficult to contact before you instruct them, then remember that anyone buying your property will have this same difficulty when they make a sales inquiry for your property.

2.) Online agents tend to have a valuer who covers a large geographical area and doesn’t have local valuation expertise, in my experience.

3.) Many think they save money by getting a cheaper agent, which usually means an online agent, but you may end up with lower fees but also a lower sales price, so overall, after the fee and your lower sales price are taken into account, you end up with less money after all fees are deducted because you have not obtained the maximum price for your property.

4.) The best agent is the one who understands the local dynamics of your area, so stick to a local agent close to the property you are selling.

Read their body language, and if they are really keen to secure your business, then that’s a good sign. Think about it as if they are keen during the honeymoon period; they are more likely to have enthusiasm throughout the sales process when dealing with your buyers.

Ideally, you want a well-staffed local branch where buyers can come and meet the agent in a decent high-street location! Choose an agent you get along with and feel comfortable with, and worry less about fees and more about how they present themselves both when you meet them and online and how their marketing valuation expertise shines.

My advice would be to go on the same online journey taken by your potential buyers and see which agents are coming up online based on these results. Doing this means that these are the same agents that your buyers will find when they go searching for your property!

So choose the agent you feel really wants your business and one who has good customer service so that buyers get the right customer service when they make any inquiries about your property!