To sell your house or apartment, the most important thing is to find a buyer as you know. But what seems simple on paper is much less so in reality. Within this file, you will find our advice to sell your property quickly and at the right price. Home staging, choice of real estate agency, sales mandate: here is everything you need to know to sell your house or apartment.

To sell your house quickly and at the best price, it is necessary to follow some advice.

Selling your property is good, but selling it quickly and at the best price is even better. Here are some tips for Property Sales Quick or apartment.

Getting a Quick Home Sale

A large majority of buyers get an idea of their property in less than 5 minutes. Therefore, to sell your house well, it is essential to take care of the interior and exterior of your property. How to sell your house well without spending an exorbitant amount of money? Use home staging, pass the mower, clean the windows, and carry out minor repairs so that the buyers are seduced.

A fair estimate of the sale price of your property is the key to properly selling your house or apartment. Too high a sale price may scare away potential buyers. Real estate agencies offer free estimates of the value of real estate.

To sell house for cash, it is possible to entrust the sale to a real estate agency via a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate. Real estate agencies allow you to sell faster thanks to their portfolio of client acquirers and their professionalism. How to sell your house well when you decide to sell it alone? Take care of your real estate ad, add photos of your accommodation, and be professional during the visits.

Find The Right Seller

You have decided to sell your property through a real estate agency. Find out what the real estate agent’s role will be in this great adventure.

In the context of a real estate sale, the real estate agent acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. Its role is to bring together the buyer and seller to conclude a real estate sale.

The role of the real estate agency is defined in the sales mandate that the seller entrusts to the professional. This mandate, which can be a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate, is established in writing. This document defines the role of the real estate agency according to what has been decided between the seller and the real estate professional.

Real estate agencies offer their clients to intervene:

  • to estimate the sale price of the property;
  • to find potential buyers;
  • to make visits to the accommodation;
  • to represent and assist the seller when signing the preliminary contract;
  • to represent and assist the seller on the day of signing the final act of sale before the notary;
  • to advise the seller throughout the sale of the property.

The real estate sales mandate

To delegate the sale of a property, an individual can use the real estate sales mandate. He then authorizes a third person to act, negotiate in his name and on his behalf.

The real estate sale mandate is an action by which a person (the principal) delegates to another (the agent) the possibility of acting for him, in his own name during the sale of real estate. In practice, in the case of a real estate transaction, it is frequent to use an agent, a real estate agent for example, who knows the expectations of the principal, but also the precise rules of real estate. The sale is thus facilitated.

There are several types of sales orders.

The simple mandate that allows the seller to keep his freedom. He can thus freely sell his property alone, go through another intermediary or call on his appointed real estate agent, the real estate agent. In this case, the real estate agent is not protected. The seller can sell his property as he sees fit without informing his agent.

The exclusive mandate that protects the agent. The principal (the seller) cannot negotiate the sale of his property himself. The action is reserved for the representative only. For the exclusive mandate to apply, it must be specified by a written clause in the contract. In the absence of precision, the simple mandate always prevails.

Sell property without agency

Selling your property without an agency saves nearly 5% of the transaction amount. Here are our tips for a successful sale. There are more and more individuals wishing to sell real estate without an agency. And when we know that it is possible to save 5% on average on the amount of the transaction in this way, we understand better why. Here are some rules to follow for a successful sale.

The first step is to gather all the mandatory and useful documents for the sale. Proof of personal situation, a title deed, technical file, energy performance diagnosis, a certificate from the trustee … nothing is to be forgotten. To Sell Real Estate without an agency, it is also essential to estimate its property at its fair value. For that, do not hesitate to compare the prices of similar housing for sale. However, for this step, it is often better to call on a notary or a real estate expert. Last task before putting your property up for sale: write the ad. The key to success is to be concise and precise, do not omit any important elements: price, contact details, area, floor, nature of the property, etc.

Then comes the visit stage. There is no secret here: you have to be organized and available. Prepare beforehand for any questions that a potential buyer might ask you. Do not hesitate to give a small file containing all the information about the accommodation to visitors. To sell your property without an agency, you now need to formalize the sale by signing the sales agreement. This must be done before a notary. He will take care of the checks in force and may then allow you to close the sale by having you sign the deed of sale.