Real estate trends in Liverpool look sets to see an upward climb for 2017. This is great news for homeowners with rental properties and people looking to sell house fast. What’s the reason behind this? Leading the way is a demand for rentals owing to a shortage of housing, a spike in wages, and the growth of property prices.

The Northern Powerhouse initiative will undoubtedly help boost this trend. While talks are still underway, things look promising. Later this month, a delegation of Chinese businesses is set to arrive in a bid to find commercial partnerships. The delegation will attend the UK Northern Powerhouse International Conference and Exhibition on February 21st and 22nd at Manchester Central. Business leaders from Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, and Newcastle will be in attendance as well.

Chinese investment in these key Northern cities will certainly open up significant employment opportunities that will see a demand for rentals and aid in house buying.

Liverpool has emerged as one of the top places to invest in real estate in the UK. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise for those following the real estate market. After all, the city still boasts a considerably low average house price despite witnessing economic growth. While this may seem disadvantageous to those looking to sell their property, it’s only a matter of time before things take a turn. As the Northern Powerhouse initiative gets underway, demand for real estate purchase and rentals will pick up.

Hopefully giving another boost to Liverpool’s growing popularity in the recent past, the Salvation Army has revealed that it plans to open the children’s home behind Lennon’s iconic Strawberry Fields song to the public. The plans won’t be realised any time soon since the charity only just appealed for funding. However, once funds start coming in it’s likely to fuel tourism and by extension, see a demand for rentals and short-term accommodation. The charity hopes to redevelop the children’s home and set up a training and work placement centre for youth with learning disabilities. It aims to hold exhibitions on the place and the early life of Lennon’s time there.

Homeowners looking to sell may have been a little alarmed at the news of houses going for as low as 10,000 pounds at Merseyside last year. But this saw a big about-turn with one new owner reselling one of the same houses for double its cost just two months later. This is a clear indication of just how fast property prices are changing in Liverpool.

In any case, what’s driving some of these incredibly low real estate prices has more to do with homes sold to transfer them to companies or those sold at auctions. Homeowners looking to sell directly will be more than able to get the listing price or come very close to it. Homeowners located near Liverpool City Centre hoping to rent out their properties should also be able to ride on Elliot Group’s proposal to build 1000 student beds near Islington. The demand for other rentals will undoubtedly be sustained, so it’s a good time to cash in.

Times are changing, and Liverpool stands to gain plenty. Property owners looking to get a good deal but unsure about the numerous changes that seem to be happening all at once can contact us with a buy my house request. We understand how important it is to get your money’s worth. We have been working tirelessly and gained extensive knowledge and experience in real estate in and around the Liverpool area will guarantee you won’t leave disappointed. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you secure a price that matches your expectations.

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