Cost of living and advice

When talking about making a life experience abroad, London is certainly one of the first cities that comes to mind, especially if you are considering the UK as a possible destination. But on the island of the English Channel, there is a place that is good to consider in many ways, especially for its strong growth and pleasant livability. We are talking about Liverpool.

Let’s get to know this city of England, bringing a new guide for all those who are considering the possibility of going to have an experience abroad or transferring permanently. Take a few minutes because in the following paragraphs we will see how we live in Liverpool, the cost of homes, life, the work factor, house buying and some tips that will come in handy.

How do you live in Liverpool?

In recent years there have been many people who have considered moving to this city for work, study or experience abroad.

Liverpool is today a city that attracts mainly for the quality of life and for the development that is living in different fields:

  • Headquarters of new companies;
  • A sharp increase in the construction sector;
  • The artistic sector in turmoil;
  • Renowned universities (we always talk about the prestige of the United Kingdom);
  • Job offer.

Industry, tourism, culture, and port activities are the main pillars of this economy. Also, good production of goods and services keep Liverpool’s business standing, always full of nice shops, shopping centres, and classic English pubs.

The idea that Liverpool is currently a small, growing city, targeted by new investors, artists, those who want to have an experience abroad, by those who are looking for work and who tries to buy my house in the United Kingdom but far from the crazy prices of London.

Since it is not a large metropolis, spaces and opportunities can be contained, especially if compared with the capital of England, but in many ways (cost of living, possibility, people) Liverpool is one of the best towns in the United Kingdom today.

How much does it cost to live in Liverpool? It is the significant advantage of this city, located in the United Kingdom but with a low cost of living. A dream for those coming from London and its current prices.

The rents of the houses start at £300 per month to rise- The latter sum is linked to a studio apartment in most cases, but with £ 500 a month you can also find a decent apartment with lots of bills included in the price.

Cost of accessible apartments for those working in the city- You can buy a house starting from £100 thousand to go up. You can easily find big and beautiful houses under £200 thousand.

Surely these figures are not indifferent, but taking a look at the entire European real estate market shows that with an honest job, it is possible to take a mortgage that will hardly be denied if you work regularly in the territory for several years. Objectively, this is not a small factor.

Liverpool is expensive in public transport. Buses, trains, and ferries connect the different areas of the city efficiently. The public transport prices in Liverpool are not that low. However, it is reasonable to subscribe to the individual areas of interest, thus reducing monthly expenses. Not to be underestimated the bicycle, a means very used in Liverpool, and that can save you a lot.

Living and working in Liverpool is perhaps ideal for what the market currently is: overall the cost of living is not high, and the minimum wage protects salaries according to English laws. The ideal, in this case, is to do some inspection before moving, see the areas that you may like more, search through the different ads and in case, you also get help from a real estate agency in Liverpool.

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