According to data published by some researchers, in Liverpool, the average time to sell a home is 10.6 months. That’s why our team of experts give you some tips on how to sell a home that we hope will help you sell a house fast.

  1. Beware of old beds, tables, and closets; they usually make the rooms look much darker and smaller.
  2. The storeroom, if you have it, must also be cleared to stand out as a spacious space.
  3. The more you depersonalize the environment, the better. So save the photos, pictures and posters, especially those that allude to political and religious ideologies.
  4. Add some decorative touch with neutral colours, plants or candles (never lit if you are not to control them). If you do not know where to start, some professionals are dedicated to doing what is known as “home staging” or house make-up to sell them faster with or without real estate.
  5. Ventilate and buy air fresheners, especially if you are a smoker or have animals.
  6. Rate the possibility of repainting the floor, doing so will also help eliminate unwanted odours.
  7. Put curtains in neutral colours and always leave the beds made. Clean thoroughly all the corners: that whoever goes to see the apartment feels at ease at all times.
  8. Once everything is in order, take advantage to take photos of the property in the moments when there is more light. Make several and choose the best with the help of trusted people for house buying.
  9. Make a list of the good things on the floor to explain to the people who are interested. Do not be angry if they say negative things during the visit, concentrate on telling what you do have positive.
  10. If the floor needs repairs, it may be a good idea to ask for a quote on how much it would cost to repair it so that you can tell the house buying
  11. Have realistic expectations with the price as compared to other properties in your area (the ones you know have been sold, not those that have been in the market for more than a year) and leave some room for a small rebate. They say that if during the first weeks you do not get more than 20 people interested in seeing it is that you have made a mistake in the price.
  12. If you are going to announce the sale of the flat in different channels, check that the price is the same in all. Otherwise, you can end up generating mistrust. Read our article on how to make an advertisement to sell your apartment (with examples).
  13. If you live in the flat you want to sell, make sure that during the visits there is nobody in the house other than the person responsible for the sale. If you have a pet, you will also have to avoid its presence.
  14. Do not forget to turn off the radio, TV or other appliances, so your visitor does not feel that they are interrupting your free time. If you hear the noise of the neighbour put ambient music.
  15. Make appointments also Saturdays and Sundays. Do not miss a sale for laziness.
  16. Treat all offers seriously, even if they are too low. Focus on what you want to achieve and try to reach an agreement that favours you.

Finally, remember to put yourself in the skin of the buyer, so you can get a better idea of who you compete with and how you can tame the buyer in the first attempt.

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