To set the right amount to sell a property, the first thing to know is: the sooner you sell, the better. It seems obvious, but there are those who resist this maxim. The statistics say that the properties that sell faster are those that have the right price from the first day you start to market. And is that the seller “greed breaks the sack,” we offer you a quick guide to put a price on your house with the help of a professional.

Properties that have a price above the market take longer to sell and, in the end, they end up selling for less than what should have been sold at the beginning of their commercialization.

What is typical is to hear the seller say “yes, but it cost me a lot more,” and what difference does it make?

THE ERROR: You should not choose the agent that tells you the highest price of your house, it is giving you the ear! Its only purpose is to capture it. But then you have to sell it, huh? And so difficult.

THE TRUTH: Agents with little experience, or unprofessional agents, will often try to get sales orders telling their customers that they can ask for a very high (and unrealistic) price. With the wrong price expectations, you will only get to have the property permanently for sale.

You must have a real estate agent but not anyone and make your decision based on who speaks to you most clearly and offers you the best investment and marketing plan to sell in the shortest possible time. Besides, you are in your right to insist that they show you a rigorous market analysis with real data, according to the current moment of the real estate market contrasting it with the sales price, but REAL! That is, sold and not for sale.


Have we convinced you to put the right price to sell a house fast from the first day?

Fantastic, great choice! It seems an impossible task, but do not panic, a competent professional has objective data based on their experience and most importantly THE NETWORK OF contacts to advise the seller to assess the home at a correct price for the sale of the property to sell.

Your real estate consultant will make an exhaustive analysis of the property, comparing it with recent and REAL sales in the area and with the homes for sale “with which you will compete.” Beware, the real estate market is very changeable! We have to be attentive, adjust and even anticipate prices.

If it is too low you will lose money; if it is too high, you will also lose money.

The danger of asking too much

In addition to the marketing that your agent will do on your property, the initial price is the other most important factor during the sale process. It is clear that everyone wants to earn as much as possible in the sale of their property, so the temptation to ask too much as usual. The truth is that this is what often means that the most expensive properties end up selling below the market value in which they could have sold at the time.

An expensive building will help competitors to sell a house fast

Your property will help others in your area to prove that theirs is better, an opportunity to help them “collaterally” sell it before yours. Your objective should be to enter the market at a price that attracts buyers, not that it leads to other similar properties. Careful with this!