Real estate is becoming increasingly popular as an investment. Because, in contrast to many traditional forms of investment, real estate usually promises a significantly higher return.

Whether the investment in real estate pays off, in the end, depends heavily on the development of the property and the long-term development of its location. That is where the real risk lies when investing in property as an investment.

Investing in real estate, compared to other investments, has significant advantages. By investing in real estate, you are thus reliably protecting them from devaluation.

This investment does not require any special knowledge or experience from the investor. And, most importantly, you will receive passive income regularly and in a larger amount than, for example, with bank deposits.

The modern real estate market has well-developed mechanisms that allow you to invest in housing, even small investors and make a good profit.

In addition, it is the safest type of investment, because real estate rarely falls in price, and therefore the risk of loss is virtually absent.

With an investment property, a long-term, lucrative source of income can be developed in the best case. In the worst case, however, it turns out to be a dime grave.

The question of whether there will be significant renovations in the future also determines the attractiveness of an investment property.

Outdated building technology or even structural damage can cause considerable follow-up costs; in the worst case, a total renovation can even cost more than a new building.

In September 2014, the British government launched a program for the decentralization of political and economic life in the country.

This means that a course has been taken to change the investment system, following the example of Germany, Italy, Sweden and France, where many key large non-capital cities have strong economies, a developed public services sector and influence on decision-making at the country level.

Liverpool is one of the cities that benefits the most from this program. A developing and dynamic port, this city annually attracts more than 50 million tourists and residents of the surrounding cities to a variety of exhibitions, festivals, biennials and other cultural events.

At the same time, Liverpool is one of the five most visited cities in the UK, and the pace of development of the tourism industry in it exceeds those in London and Manchester.

There are three large universities in Liverpool (University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, and Liverpool Hope University) with 50 thousand students.

All this creates attractive conditions to Buy & Sell House in Liverpool, which is at the same time cheaper than in London, but, just like in the capital, provides a high yield from renting or a subsequent sale. Therefore, foreign investors and UK residents are looking to buy property in Liverpool.

Today, three of the most interesting development projects in Liverpool can be noted: North Point (by the river), Berry House (Merseyside) and a large-scale Chinatown redevelopment project.

All projects are located literally a stone’s throw from the city’s business centre. Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way.

The complexes offer a wide range of modern apartments that meet high technical standards, including concierge services, a gym and a spa.

The projects are under construction, so the cost of the apartments is quite attractive: from £80,000(compared to the average price of £ 50,000 for a finished home).

Buyers will be able to benefit not only from the fact that the management company is ready to guarantee investors three-year profitability of 7% per annum but also from capitalization growth, as according to the statistics, over the past five years the price of real estate in Liverpool has grown by 16.3%.

Other statistics also show that property prices in northern cities such as Liverpool, Nottingham and Manchester are growing faster than southern ones.

Liverpool is the fifth-largest city in the UK. The population is about 440,000 people. Among the developments in the city, there is a high percentage of houses, especially family houses in green suburbs and near the cleanest beach in Great Britain – Crosby.

As with most major cities, there are many new residential developments. The cost of property in Liverpool has increased by 76% over the past 5 years.

Liverpool is a student city, and like most student cities, there is a shortage of available housing. Thinking to Buy & Sell House in Liverpool is not only interesting for living, but also for investment purposes.

It is a world-famous city, rich in history and culture. Beloved for being the birthplace of the Beatles, Liverpool has a multitude of theatres and museums, a waterfront full of charm, thanks to the winning idea of the regeneration of the docks and two imposing cathedrals that attract thousands of tourists every year.

For these reasons, the city has now become one of the nation’s leading real estate investment markets.

Buying property in Liverpool is proving to be an increasingly popular investment with investors, thanks to the winning combination of low property prices and consistently high rental yields.

Here the seasons are generally mild, with cool summers and warm winters. For most of the year, temperatures hover around 15 ° Celsius in the summer up to around 5 ° in the winter.

The best season to visit or to move there is definitely spring. This is in fact the best time because the good weather starts, the humidity is moderate and there is very little rainfall.

Before deciding for or against a certain investment property, one should ask oneself: Could I also imagine using this property myself? It is not about the specific question of whether you actually want to move in, but rather whether you could imagine this from the tenant’s point of view.

It is therefore important to put yourself in the shoes of a typical prospective tenant: If I were in their position, would the property be of interest to me? Anyone who has doubts about this self-test should reconsider their investment plan carefully.