Liverpool (Liverpool) – the largest city in the UK (England), located in the north-western part of the country. The population of the city is about 450 thousand people. The weather in Liverpool is exceptionally changeable, the presence of the Atlantic Ocean has a significant influence on the climate. Thanks to the current Gulf Stream in the city is not a cold winter, but the temperature in the summer rarely rises above +20° C, in the autumn the misty weather with rains prevails.

But this is not all, people are increasingly interested to invest money and buy a house in this region. Why?

Factors of investment attractiveness of real estate in Liverpool

  • Relative proximity to major cities of Northern England such as Manchester, Sheffield, Preston, Warrington, Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool, Leeds
  • The urban infrastructure has been substantially modernized
  • The cost of real estate in the city is much lower than in London
  • According to analysts’ forecasts, capital growth for real estate in Liverpool is increasing by 4-6%
  • In connection with the forecast of increasing workplaces and, accordingly, the growth of foreign labour, the population of the city will increase
  • In the city more than 50 thousand students, which contributes to the development of the rental market
  • Large cultural events are annually held in Liverpool, including music festivals
  • Regularly held football matches, horse racing, rugby and golf tournament

We give you some reasons why you should invest your money in Liverpool property

So why should you invest in house buying in Liverpool? As Liverpool has started to emerge as the next big growth centre in Sydney, there are a lot of reasons why this city makes a great investment. Here are our top reasons below.


Over the next two decades, Liverpool is projected to record a rapid population growth of new residents. It will further increase the demand for housing as well as new employment opportunities and amenities within the area, which makes it an attractive place worth living.


Residents of the Liverpool are well connected to train, road and buses. Liverpool is situated on major three train lines, and there is a potential that a metropolitan route from Liverpool to Bankstown will be extended that will cut short the journeys to the city within half an hour.


Liverpool, when compared to Sydney, is a more affordable area to live as well as invest in the property. The average unit price here is almost half unit price to that of those in Sydney.


Liverpool is also house to a large rental population, making an investment even more attractive. About half of the people rent real estate here.


Liverpool also has major plans to revitalize its city centre, which makes this area a place to spend your days, evenings and weekends. One of the main plans is the current revitalization of the Macquarie Mall, as well as the improvement and modernization of the Bigge Park.


“Liverpool” has a diverse and dynamic economy, employing about 13,600 enterprises, providing 62,000 jobs, including a Liverpool hospital – a large employer.


Liverpool is also the administrative and trade centre for the growing southwestern region of Sydney and is also recognized as the Regional City in the Sydney Capital Strategy.

Buy or sell your house fast in Liverpool

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