Once you have decided to sell your property, you are eager to close the sale finally! And that’s normal! In the current situation, you can have the ambition to sell in less than three months. Here are some tips to allow the sell house fast as quickly as possible and in the best conditions.

1st step: To sell when you’re ready!

Does your property require minor development work? Paintings to refresh? Is it clean and tidy? In short, make the list of things to correct by putting yourself in the shoes of a person who discovers your home or apartment for the first time!

Do not hesitate to ask your relatives and friends to give their opinions on decoration and possible arrangements! They are there to help you, what they think, potential buyers will undoubtedly think so too. With time we get used to the small defects of our home.

Small work before sale

It is not a question here of embarking on a big project, but only some minor works of redevelopment. Know that potential buyers feel (or not) a crush within 90 seconds after discovering the good! Accept to repaint some rooms to give a little fresh, change the credence a little old kitchen, change the walls damaged shower, etc.

2nd stage: Estimating the right price for your house or apartment

To estimate one’s house or to evaluate the price of one’s apartment is not easy. You like your home, and like most homeowners, you will tend to give it an emotional value that can make you overestimate its price, etc. And even more, if you have a project of house buying and you need a specific sum to achieve your new project. Know that most prices posted on the websites, or even in the windows of some real estate agencies, are not the real selling prices.

Fair market houses and apartments sell on average in less than 3 months to 4 months.

3rd step: the distribution of your property

Whether you are going through a real estate agent or you are responsible for the sale of your home, you must pay close attention to the creation of your ad: nice photos and a good advertising text. Write a good ad.

Which can also help you sell faster?

Understand seasonality and timing

In summer, everyone goes on vacation and in the winter, night falls quickly, and it’s not easy to highlight the brightness of the rooms when it is dark at 17 hours. So make sure that your property is on sale in the spring.

The real estate agent can also make recommendations relevant to the development of your home or apartment. He will also inform you if there is a lot of stock for sale in your neighbourhood. Competition is also incorporated into the market price. Indeed, if there are many apartments for sale in your neighbourhood, the buyer will necessarily make a comparison. It will be necessary to make the difference to be chosen.

Choose the exclusive mandate

If you decide to sell through a real estate agency, you will have the choice to sign a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate. Know that 90% of sole mandates sell in less than six months, against 55% for single mandates.

Clean and store

Your potential buyers must imagine living in your home: Help them project themselves! The last thing they want to see are dirty windows, greasy kitchen furniture, dusty rugs, stained carpets, blackened joints in the bathroom, and so on. For this last point, the buyer may think that it is due to poor ventilation and will be a negative idea of your home.

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