When people plan to buy an apartment in the secondary market, as a rule, they first evaluate its characteristics, which are indicated in the announcement: the number of “squares”, the area of the city, the floor, the view from the windows, and the infrastructure in the area. In addition, proximity to the place of work is important to the buyer. These factors are usually the most important for the buyer and are related to his needs.

Do not overstate the price of your house

The main mistake of many sellers is the too high cost of their property. This is because people want to earn more money from the sale. And also the overestimation is due to the fear of cheapening and losing profit. There is a good way out for this case: experts recommend to indicate information about the possibility of bargaining

Do not be silent in the announcement of the shortcomings

Often, sellers do not indicate the shortcomings of their apartments, thinking that the buyer will not pay attention to some little things. Just the opposite. When a person goes to inspect the apartment, having an idea of what the seller is offering him, he does not form a negative opinion about the apartment. Defects that surfaced during the inspection can put an end to the Property Sales Quick.

For example, one seller hid in his ad that there was a combined bathroom in the apartment. All potential buyers who came to see the object, seeing this, left disappointed. For a long time, he could not sell the apartment because of this.

And when he nevertheless indicated this, how quickly a buyer was found who did not care so much about this circumstance. Customers who went to see this object were not disappointed, as they initially had no high expectations.

It is worth writing about the infrastructure of the district, the condition of the entrance, and the view from the window.

Another important aspect is the infrastructure of the area. It is best to indicate in the text of the advertisement about the presence or number of schools, kindergartens, clinics, shops, public transport stops. If all this is available in the area, then it can become a “bargaining chip” in the sale of real estate.

The view from the windows can also become decisive. Of course, the most attractive will be apartments with sea or mountain views. This can attract potential buyers and add points to your apartment.

And one more little trick. In the age of popularization of social networks, do not miss the opportunity to post information on the sale of real estate on your page. And if you show creativity and add a bit of good humour to the text, then the chance to sell a home rises by a multiple of the number of likes and reposts from your friends.

Do not show potential buyers an uncleaned apartment

Before photographing the apartment, be sure to clean and remove all unnecessary from prominent places. In this case, a well-known marketing move works: “the more beautiful and attractive the product, the faster it will leave the counter”. Judge for yourself, coming to the store, everyone is trying to choose the most brilliant apple, the greenest cucumber, the softest bread.

The same thing here, and do not hope that the new tenants will still make repairs, they will have their own furniture, etc. This is so, but when viewed at a subconscious level, it seems to the buyer that the apartment will not be cleaned forever, that this is its normal appearance. Obviously, no one wants to live in such an apartment.

Do not forget that the surplus of things and interior items, especially if they are in plain sight, visually reduce the apartment. And this also does not work in favour of the seller.

Do not conceal the features of the status of housing

For the real estate market, this question is especially relevant: if for some reason your housing does not yet have the status of an “apartment”, or it is not at all foreseen, it is better to indicate this in the ad text immediately.

Buyers and non-resident, are already sufficiently informed that there is a risk of losing an apartment and money. Therefore, the buyer may be wary of such suddenly surfaced facts, changing his mind to buy such a property. And the seller will only lose a huge amount of time. It is better to immediately point out this nuance because there are those who themselves can draw up all the documentation for this kind of housing.

The same rule applies in the event of a cut-off: if the document is absolutely “white”, write about it.

Determine the price for Property Sales Liverpool

In the real estate market, there is a rule of the dependence of the sale period on the price. It sounds like this: an apartment with a fair price is sold in 4 weeks, an apartment with a lower price will be sold in less than 4 weeks, but at an inflated price it will remain on the market for several months. There are also deadlines set for apartments with different numbers of rooms.

So, one- and two-room apartments are sold from 1 to 2 months, a three-room apartment at a normal price will wait about 2-3 months for its owner, and a four-room apartment will last on the market for 3 months or more.

Knowing these trends in the real estate market, the owner of the apartment to be sold needs to set not only the price, but also the adequate time frame in which he wants to realize the sale of his home. After you have done this, having measured your desires with market trends, you should not agree to a lower cost if the term of the implementation you set is not coming to an end.

After a certain time, prices in the real estate market inevitably change, and as a result, you can sell an apartment only when the price you set will look small compared to the average market.